The institute departments

Department of System Research and preparation of tender documents

Deputy Head of the Department – Viktoria V. Tsukanova
Tel.: +7(499) 795-19-16, E-mail:

State Centre of Expert Examination in the Field of Science and Innovation

Director of the Centre – Yuri L. Rybakov
Tel.: +7(499) 795-19-90, E-mail:

Information and Analytical Centre for Complex Scientific Research in Technology and Innovation Activities

Director of the Centre – Nikolai A. Mironov
Tel.: +7(499) 259-48-34, E-mail:

Centre for Information and Methodological Support of Activities on Public Projects and Programs

Director of the Centre – Boris V. Ivanov
Tel.: +7(499) 256-49-50, E-mail:

Сentre of innovation monitoring and organization of scientific and innovative activities

Director of the Centre – Tamara I. Turko
Tel.: +7(495) 609-40-03, E-mail:

Information Provision and Supply Centre

Centre for science research and statistics

The Deputy Director of the Centre – Alexey V. Koltsov
Tel.: +7(495) 655-50-31, E-mail:

Printing and Publication Department

Head of the Department – Andrey A. Tugarinov
Tel.: +7(499) 259-68-89, E-mail:

Complex "Sputnik" – a Branch of SRI FRCEC

Director – George A. Proskuryakov
Tel.: +7(499) 259-98-43, E-mail:

St. Petersburg Branch (SPBB) of SRI FRCEC